Mitchell Flyer was my great, great Grandfather. I never got to meet him, much less interview him. But I did managed to find his diaries and talk to some people who met him and others who said that their parents had talked about him. 

I’ll be posting some of my notes as I write them over on the blog side of things. But I wanted to put a few things out there, first up. Mitchell Flyer was born just about the time airplane were born. His name was kind of a happy accident because it described him and the things he loved best, airplanes. The funny thing was that he was always scrambling to build the fastest airplane in the world, and he was an amazing engineer, mostly self-taught. His friends were all airplane nuts, too, and a lot of them died trying to fly faster and farther, higher and wilder, than anyone else ever had. Mitchell, his friends called him Speedball, had a gift for knowing just how to build and fly his creations. Some of his earliest “birds” don’t really look like airplanes at all, and the really early ones had weird, wind-up engines and were sling-shotted into the air. 

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Read the blogs, and be amazed….that he didn’t die young.