A Disclaimer

I’ll keep this short since nobody reads warning labels and you probably won’t believe what I’m telling you.

But here’s the thing. I didn’t write most of this stuff. Honestly. Well, OK, I did edit some of it, and I’m not talking about censorship here. I just cleaned up some tangled grammar. Mostly, this is Katies’ baby. Now the stories are her stories but not about her. I may add a story or two about her later. I’ve threatened to do that if she starts posting stories about me. But for now, I’m just staying out of the way.

Katie said this somewhere, but let’s be clear. Stories are what people say, but that doesn’t mean their true. Sure, a lot of this stuff happened, but take it from me, I find it hard to swallow, and I have to believe that people are just making stuff up. Even Crazy Great Uncle Charlie, who my Uncle Joe swears is real, seems to be a total fabrication. No one could have gone all the places, met all the people, and done all the thing he did. But this is Katie’s blog, and I’ll leave it to her to track down her tales. She doesn’t seem to be too worried about whether or not they are true, so I wouldn’t either. She did promise to hold back on some stuff I think might hurt people’s feelings or reputations, if that’s even possible. We made a deal that these will be kept in a “vault” until they can be released after we’re all dead or too far-gone to care anymore. So, if you see a link to the “vault,” please don’t try to get in. It should be password-protected. No one gets in without a darn good reason, and we’ll be the judge of that.

OK. Enough for now. You’ve been warned, and you can email Katie, if need be, at Katie@myincrediblefamily.com. She may or may not get back to you anytime soon. Katie’s been doing a lot of travel lately to try and dig up some of the undead family members, their stories, and last I heard she was on the trail of a mythical treasure map of some sort. It’s a CUC thing, a “Crazy Uncle Charlie” thing. Katie keeps saying she doesn’t believe in any of those tall tales… but she did pack a miner’s helmet and a portable shovel.

Robb Lightfoot, editor-in-chief